Hall of Fame: XOR and Enigma

Can you find a shorter solution? Compete with other players for a position in the hallowed Hall of Fame.

To ensure your solution is accepted, please use the "exact" game engine (the default setting), and play with the "XOR (BBC)" and "XOR (Amiga Set 2)" levels.

Recent Submissions
Level Moves Name
XOR: Dots And Waves607lwmr
Enigma: Complexity846lwmr
Enigma: Explosively Simple755lwmr
Enigma: Seventh Heaven611lwmr
Enigma: House of Cards803lwmr
Enigma: Order of Magnitude561lwmr
XOR: Dots And Waves607toby
All Time Best Scores
Level Moves Current Champion(s)
XOR: Dots And Waves607amf, Michael S Repton, drswirly, toby, lwmr
XOR: Something Fishy570drswirly
XOR: Chicken Supreme523amf, drswirly
XOR: Explosive Mixture674amf, drswirly
XOR: Henrys Anguish610Michael S Repton, drswirly
XOR: The Dolls House858drswirly
XOR: Dollys Revenge1127drswirly
XOR: Enlightenment693drswirly
XOR: The Challenge795drswirly
XOR: Patience Pending587drswirly
XOR: Razor Edge771drswirly
XOR: The Happy Hour982drswirly
XOR: Deja Vu628drswirly
XOR: Penultimate854drswirly
XOR: The Decoder162Michael S Repton, drswirly
XOR (TOTAL)10441drswirly
Level Moves Current Champion(s)
XOR: Taurus723drswirly
XOR: Andromeda477drswirly
XOR: Perseus470drswirly
XOR: Cameloparous767drswirly
XOR: Ursa Nagor-(unsolved - believed to be impossible)
XOR: Draco549drswirly
XOR: Hercules696drswirly
XOR: Delphinus939drswirly
XOR: Aquila738drswirly
XOR: Ophiuchus577drswirly
XOR: Corvus705drswirly
XOR: Canis Maior607drswirly
XOR: Hydrus839drswirly
XOR: Vela Carina-(unsolved - believed to be impossible)
XOR: Crux720drswirly
XOR: Procyon (TOTAL)-(unsolved)
Level Moves Current Champion(s)
Enigma: Darkness Falls482drswirly
Enigma: Lateral Thinking437drswirly
Enigma: Explosively Simple555drswirly
Enigma: Question of Substance519drswirly
Enigma: Ethereal Structures716drswirly
Enigma: Order of Magnitude511drswirly
Enigma: Seventh Heaven579drswirly
Enigma: House of Cards697drswirly
Enigma: Complexity658drswirly
Enigma: Nature of the Beast576drswirly
Enigma: Devil's Despair673drswirly
Enigma: Shrouded Glory750drswirly
Enigma (TOTAL)7153drswirly